The smartest way to manage licenses & certifications

Certa is the software platform that automates compliance for
organizations and professionals
Our Story

Every day, organizations are fined, suspended or shut-down due to compliance. 


We created Certa to automate licenses and certifications, so you can focus on your business.

Our Vision

At Certa, we envision a world where businesses & professionals can focus on what they do best.

This is also a world with less filing cabinets, and more rainforests.


Certa is a software platform that empowers administrators and HR to automate compliance.


Our easy-to-use web and mobile app manages licenses, certifications, and continuing education in one place.


How it works

Built for organizations

  • Instantly know which certs are expiring or needing CE before it's too late

  • Receive monthly or weekly reports on all active and expiring licenses & certifications

  • Automatically notify employees of upcoming renewals without spending time in software

Built for professionals

  • Manage dozens of unique license and certification types in one app, on any device

  • Stay ahead of expirations and renewals 

  • log continuing education and attach documents & certificates

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